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Nov 8, 2007 at 7:01 AM
Edited Dec 12, 2007 at 6:22 AM
Kernel ROM is mapped to 0x8C00000
CramFS image is part of upgrade, contains standard tools. Not sure where this is mapped yet

---CPU board---

CPU: Renesas 6417751R - 240MHz SH4

DRAM: 2x ISSI IS42S16800A-7T - 8Megx16 70ns (32 Megabytes total)

ROM: Atmel AT27LV512A - 64kx8 EPROM

FLASH: Samsung K9F5608U0C - 32Megx8 2.7-3.6V 50ns

MICRO: house label R5F2110 2FP 4200 - unknown 32-pin microcontroller running at 16MHz
(xtal pins 4 and 6)

PHY: Realtek RTL8139CL - 10/100 ethernet controller

WLAN: Samsung SWL-2700M - MiniPCI 3B 802.11b/g 54Mbps embedded module
^--- is this right? it looks like they're using madwifi atheros drivers

SWITCH: Kendin KS8995MA - 5 port 10/100 managed switch

---Audio board---

DSP: TMS320VC5402PGE100 - 100MHz fixed point DSP 32k RAM 8k ROM

Micro: house label 0262F3 D5 4160D - unknown 48 pin micro controller running at 20MHz
(xtal pins 8 and 10)

CODEC: Cirrus Logic CS42416-CQZ - 6 channel surround codec

AMP: Tripath TC2000/TK2050 or TK2051 - 50W class T amplifier

OPAMPS: 6x TI OPA2364 - High CMRR rail-to-rail op-amps